Corporate Background

Management and Incubation of Projects

CANAM Inc, (Before Canamind Business Services dba) is consulting in Strategy management, technology, incubation of companies and management of projects worldwide for over two decades.

Under trade name Cai Energy, Canam has completed several due-diligence studies of Power Plants in Texas for Harvard Endowment Fund III (Boston, USA) with Korean Electric Power Company (KEPCO) and assisted them to incubate and launch an Equity Investment company, now about $8B in AUM,

While incubating this company for Harvard, Cai Energy arranged,

  • Purchase and operation of an 80 MW gas fired peaking plant in Wharton, Texas
  • Initiated the acquisition of a large District Heating and Cooling Unit worth several millions of dollars for its investors
  • Arranged a Power Purchase and Sale agreement between a major REP Reliant Energy in Houston and Mirant a major Power Generation company in USA (A division of Southern Electric Company), Canam remained as a Strategy consultant to Denham Capital and later to consider equity investments in India.

Another company incubated, INTECH Global Resources Inc, won an International bid for a 2000 MW gas turbine Power Plant in India in cooperation with CRSS Capital and Philipps Petroleum and formed Indian Companies Indian Gas Ltd (IGL) and Indian Power Projects Ltd (IPPL). Intech resisted a take over offer of the Project by Amaco Power, now part of British Petroleum but later yielded to an offer from Malakoff, an early successful Independent Power Producer from Malaysia. Intech negotiated multiple investment (MOI) returns for its shareholders while existing. Later Malakoff gave the responsibility of the power project back to the INTECH, then owned by the investor and owner of Indian companies, IGL and IPPL, Mr. T. Mohan.

INTECH assisted Siemens Power Group of Germany for Plant operations in the Middle East for several years.

INTECH introduced Korean Electric Power Company (KEPCO) Abu Dhabi Water & Power Authority in UAE and bid for projects in Oman, and UAE.

Canam continues the technology and management consulting to International firms such as PB Power Asia, and several Information technology companies including Perot Systems USA, and Data Strategies International in Houston.

The Canam Group has expanded consulting with several Principals added world wide (See )

Canam is a power marketer in Texas and is associated with management of new power technologies, alternate energy projects and Carbon Credit, initiatives worldwide. In US Canam is working with Federal, State and City governments to market alternate energy in US.

Canam consults with Institutional Investors Consulting Company, A & B Environmental Services Inc, and AIS International Ltd.